TUSHY’s Funeral for a Tree Shines Light on Toilet Paper Waste

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We made people feel inspired to use a bidet by showing them how it saves trees, water, money and their butts.

To bring awareness to the 15 million trees cut down every year to make toilet paper, TUSHY hosted the first-ever funeral for a tree in NYC. Made You Feel worked with the funeral’s minister, celebrity actor Matthew Morrison, to honor the late Will O. Baum by sharing his dying wish -- “to stop wiping your a** with Mother Nature” -- across national lifestyle and entertainment publications.

We elevated the eco-friendly benefits of TUSHY through 60+ placements and nearly two billion media impressions.

Matthew Morrison Plays Minister for First Ever Tree Funeral

Live in Studio with Tree Funeral Minister Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison is Partaking in a Funeral for a Tree

Grand Funeral for a Tree to Be Held In NYC