TUSHY Hosts Butt-Con, a ‘Holey’ Experience for the Like-Behinded

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We made people feel confident talking about “hole” body health by gathering butt experts to educate, gyrate and celebrate everyone’s greatest ass-et.

As press billed it the “Comic-Con for butts”, TUSHY’s inaugural convention sold-out as doctors, fitness gurus, adult entertainers and twerkers led talks, panels and workshops for 500 of New York City’s finest. We caused a scene and made it known, bringing the brand and health of our backsides to the forefront of the conversation.

We welcomed 45+ press who pooped out more than 70 placements and 1.5 billion impressions for Butt-Con across national TV, radio, print and online media.

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“Butt-Con asked that I buy a Tushy bidet, but it also seemed to ask that I bring my butt out into the open, that I question why there are parts of the body, and the self, that we allow the world to see, and parts we don’t.” – The Paris Review