Parallux Makes VR Social at Tribeca Immersive Film Festival

Strategy + Media Relations + Press Events

We made top tech press and Tribeca attendees feel the power of shared virtual reality experiences in the U.S. premiere of the VR short-film, CAVE.

As Parallux and NYU’s Virtual Reality Lab prepared for their premiere, Made You Feel strapped on a headset and strategized the start-up’s official public launch. Leveraging the press and industry attention around Tribeca Immersive, Made You Feel put Parallux in front of leading tech and film reps, positioning its new XR technology as the biggest innovation coming out of the Festival.

We took VR to the media masses bringing in 100+ press demos, 50 placements and 50 million impressions that reached national & international audiences.

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“Most VR right now is frustratingly isolating and inaccessible to the public,” says Kris Layng, chief creative officer at Parallux, which is bringing a very social virtual reality experience to Tribeca. We developed Cave to demonstrate how VR can scale up to the kinds of mass audiences we’re familiar with seeing attend cinema and theater. The result is an experience that feels exhilarating, natural, and powerfully social.” — WIRED Magazine